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  • by Torema Thompson.

Wait on Me

"When you sit on a train, you wait," says the Lord. "You sit by faith, trusting that the driver will get you to your destination. You wait expectantly and CHOOSE to endure the ride as you know and appreciate where the train journey is leading you. No person in their right mind would jump off the train whilst it is moving, or even get off at an earlier stop. No, you choose to complete the journey, no matter how long it takes. To do otherwise is foolish."

"I Am your train and your driver. Wait on me. Trust in me. Believe that I WILL get you to your destination. Know that the destination I am taking you to is worth the journey. Though it may seem long and at times feel that your patience is wearing thin, know that as long as you are in me, as long as you remain on the train I have set you on, I will get you there."

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