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Torema Thompson

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Torema Thompson, Founder of Pura*T International

Torema Thompson

Founder & Marketplace Minister


Short Bio 

Torema is a marketplace apostle, called to be a mother to the next generation.


As a king, she influences and creates wealth as an author, and through her personal brand as an athleTuber, personal trainer and coach


As a priest, Torema serves through her charity, Pura*T Foundation, and its various divisions. 


Long Bio

Torema's story officially begins when she was baptised in water, on the 20th of November 2006, at 16 years old, followed by her baptism with the Holy Ghost 9 months later. It was then 2 years into her walk (in 2008) that the Lord began to test her faith when He instructed her to leave university. It took her 5 months to obey in full, but the Lord, in His mercy, still chose to use it as the beginning of her call as a marketplace minister.

In 2009, Torema developed a 6-week self-esteem programme for teenage girls, “Girl Esteem”, which she then ran across schools, pupil referral units & community youth projects for 3 years. However, little did she know that God still needed to take her through an intense process in order to shape her into the woman and apostle needed for His call.


In 2010, at the tender age of 20, Torema and her new husband left the local assembly they were attending at the time. Following this, came a dark period of deception—in 2011—the result of the fear of man. But the Lord restored Torema powerfully and filled her with a new fire for obedience, truth, discernment, and appreciation of a spiritual family.

In February 2013, following a year-long restoration season (in which she also published her first book), God began to steer Torema in a completely new direction by opening the door for her first mission trip. The Lord shifted something in Torema through that trip, and clearly, the enemy was not happy about it! When the team arrived back on British soil, Satan attacked with force but Abba used that attack as Torema's enrolment into His sonship process.

Having medalled for Great Britain as a junior and under-23 athlete, the Lord told Torema to lay it all down as a senior (which she did in August 2013). For where He was taking her, He alone could be her first love and He alone could be her sole identity.

Next, it was her marriage. In October 2013, God began to reveal extremely painful truths, and thus began a long period of betrayal and abandonment for Torema. But the Lord, in His wisdom, had already planned to use it as a tool to develop His character in her (He had also already promised restoration before she even knew what would take place!).

In December 2014, Torema published her first children’s book, and in February 2015, God led her to register her company. It was also in 2015, that the Lord told Torema to leave the primary school she was working in full-time and to qualify as a level 3 personal trainer (which she did). Torema thought she would thrive immediately as an entrepreneur, but Abba's will was to further refine her through 3 years of freelancing for others.

In October 2015, the Lord also sent Torema back to athletics (to her surprise), and Believers on Track was birthed in January 2016. Again, she wrongfully assumed she would see the promised athletics platform and ministry fruit immediately, but little did Torema know, that even after a decade of process, she would still not be completely ready...

In April 2016, Torema was publicly ordained as a pastor, and through a dream, the Lord told her to start “Word of Truth”, her YouTube teaching programme (which then became a podcast in 2019).

At the end of 2018, God told Torema that her season of working for others was over, and she has been in full-time entrepreneurship since January 2019 (10 years after leaving university!).

Today, Torema is still waiting to see the promises of God manifested in the area of marriage and motherhood; nevertheless, through Pura*T International, she's sharing her journey and equipping God's people, one teaching at a time.

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