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And He said, Hear now my words: If there be a prophet among you, I the Lord will make myself known unto him in a vision, and will speak unto him in a dream. 

Numbers 12:6 KJV




Acting - Having a role to play or fulfil. 

Aeroplane – An international ministry.


Airport – A place of waiting.


Alarm - Warning (Joel 2:1).


Anniversary - An annual celebration. Recognition of a promised season (Genesis 18:14).

Arm - Victory. Strength. Mercy. (Psalm 118:16, Psalm 89:13, Psalm 98:1)


Assistant - Helper. Holy Ghost (John 14:16, 26).

A -



Baby – Giving birth to something new.


Badge - Accomplishments


Ball - Sphere of influence


Baptism - Death with Christ leading to life with Christ. Initiation/total submersion into something.


Bath – Cleansing


Bathroom – A private place. Place of cleansing.


Battle – Spiritual warfare.

Bear - Devourer.


Beast – Spiritual enemy.


Bedroom – Place of intimacy. If the dream is about somebody else, but taking place in your bedroom, the Lord may be revealing something intimate/personal about that person.

Bicycle - Personal ministry.

Birds - Could represent cares or worries. Or positively could represent the Father's provision. (Matthew 6:25-26, 1 Kings 17:4). If birds are attacking you, this could represent a spiritual attack of the enemy to steal, kill, or destroy (Genesis 40:17-19, John 10:10). Where or how the birds are attacking you could also be significant (e.g., an attack on the face/head could represent a mind attack). 


Birthday – A time of celebration. Time of birthing something. 


Black - Beauty (Song of Solomon 1:5). Standing out. In a negative context, black could symbolise death/famine/oppression or the like.


Blue - Priesthood. Wisdom. Kingdom.


Boat – Life/ministry. The size and function of the boat are significant.


Bomb - Something which seeks to destroy.

Bonnet (hood) – Covering.

Boot (of a car) - The storage of your ministry — that which is preserved for future use / stored up goods.


Bridge – Transitioning.


Brother – May represent Christ or a particular trait in yourself. A brother in Christ.


Bus – A public place/experience as you transition from one place to another (your life's journey). Driving a bus represents quite a large public ministry. The person driving the bus that you're on can let you know who is in control of the journey.


Bus stop – A place of waiting.



B -



Cabinet - Personal/important things. Mysteries of God.


Cafe/coffee shop - An informal place of ministry. More casual/relaxed/relational than formal church ministry.

Call Centre - A place of intercession.

Camping - A temporary place in life, especially an inconvenient or uncomfortable place i.e. the wilderness.


Car – Ministry/life. Can refer to your personal ministry (in terms of marriage/family). If your car is parked, it signifies the Lord taking you to a place of waiting. Your old car may signify a previous time in your life.


Car Crash – Severe sin/destruction. Going off track in life.


Caretaker - Guardian/keeper. Holy Ghost, or god of this world (characteristics of the person are important for discernment).


Cave - Stronghold. Place of survival/refuge/exclusion (1 Samuel 22:1-2). 


Changing Room - A place of change.

Chased – Being chased may refer to coming under attack. This could be a fear you need to confront.


Cheque - The wages (consequence/outcome) of something. Could also represent the Lord vindicating you.


Chicken (raw) – May signify that preparation is required before a thing can be received.


Chickens – Wealth or ability to create wealth.


Children – Babes in Christ. Gifts from God. A child may also represent innocence.

Closing Time – Last minute.


Clothes – Taking off old clothes represents leaving behind the old man. Dirty clothes represent dead works.


Coat - Mantle


Coin - Stewardship

Cooking - The process of preparation; the process that takes place before one can receive the blessing.


Creaming – Creaming yourself or someone else represents getting ready or helping them to prepare. 

Crease - To have creases on your dress or clothing is to represent being unprepared for Christ who is coming for a bride without spot or "wrinkle" (Ephesians 5:27). 


Crossing the road - Transition

C -



Dancing - God's grace i.e. turning mourning into dancing (Psalm 30:11).


Darkness - Ignorance / blindness / deception


Daughter – May represent your daughter if you have one. Or someone / something you have given birth to such as your ministry.


Demon – A demonic dream.


Dinner time - The time to receive the blessing or what has been prepared for you.  


Dogs – Dogs chasing or biting represents a spiritual attack.

Doll - A doll is something that little girls play with. If you are the doll, this may represent you being used/controlled/manipulated by others in order to serve their agenda. If you are playing with dolls, this may represent reverting to childish play or behaviour. 


Door – A new door or gate represents a new way/avenue being open to you. If a door gets bigger, this could represent the Lord opening a great/wide door of opportunity for you. (Revelation 3:8, 1 Corinthians 16:9, Acts 14:27)


Dream - A dream within a dream provides a deeper understanding/confirmation of the message the Lord is revealing to you. If a dream is doubled (i.e. the same dream or similar dream twice in a row) this means the thing is established by God and He will shortly bring it to pass (Genesis 41:32). 


Driver - Controller of the journey


Driving - Journey. Life. If the car is moving on autopilot this may represent feeling out of control of your life. 

D -



Early - To arrive at a place of destination sooner than anticipated.

Eating - Receiving something. What you are eating can give a clue as to whether it is good or bad, edifying or not, etc.

Elephant - If the elephant is in an unnatural/awkward place, it may represent a big (and obvious) problem.


Elevator (lift) - Elevation / being taking to a new level.

Escape – Helping others escape represents bringing freedom to others. 


Exam - A time of testing.

E -



Famine - Severe lack or need.

Fifteen – Restoration.


Fifty – Jubilee.


Fire alarm - Warning.


Fish – Souls. People.


Fishing boat - Evangelistic ministry.


Five – Grace.


Flying – Soaring spiritually (Isaiah 40:31). Overcoming demonic opposition. 


Forest - A place of isolation / exclusion

Form Group - Represents your "stage" of life or current season. May also signify your current "form" in a particular area of your life. 

Forty-Five - Provision / preservation.

Frogs - Unclean spirits / spirits of devils (Revelation 16:13).

F -



Garden – Forms of ministry. Things the Lord is giving birth to in your life. Labourer.


Gay man – Perversion.


Giant – Spiritual opposition to be overcome. If you are the giant this shows high social standing or greater influence.


Glasses – Spiritual vision, ability to see clearly. Broken glasses may represent a loss of a vision. Childish glasses may represent a childish vision that didn’t come from God. If your eyes are blurry in a dream because you are not wearing glasses, this represents an inability to see something spiritually.


Glitter - Glorifying a thing.


Gold - High quality/valuable. Ministry work.


Green – Life. New beginnings. Immaturity. 


Green Lantern (superhero) - The Life-Giving Word

Gun - A gun pointing in your face can represent an attack/threat.

G -



Hair - Glory / covering (1 Corinthians 11:15).

Hairy - Carnal/fleshly.


Handshake - Agreement. Approval.


Hearing aid - Dull of hearing. Unable to discern between good and evil / understand God's will. (Hebrews 5:11-14)


Hiding – Fear. May represent prudence if avoiding temptation or folly. 


Holding hands – Intimacy.


Horns - Kings/kingdoms (Revelation 17:12, Daniel 7:24)

Hostage – Oppression. Helping others escape represents helping to set them free.


Hotel - Temporary place in life


House – Your life. A new house or redecorated house shows the Lord moving you into a new season. 

Husband - Protector. Head. Jesus. (Ephesians 5:23).

H -



Ice – Spiritual stagnancy. 


Interview - Influence / influential position

I -



Jumping - Taking a leap of faith.

J -



Key – Access. Receiving a new key represents a new level of authority.


Kidnapping - Taking someone against their will (control)


Kiss – Affection. Love. Betrayal.


Kitchen - The heart. 


Kitchen cupboard - Store/treasure of the heart

Knees - A place of worship/submission to God.


Knuckles - Cut knuckles represent hard graft or manual labour.

K -



Lampstand (or candlestick) – Churches (Revelation 1:20)


Late - To arrive at a place of destination/season later than anticipated (Habakkuk 2:3).


Legs – Spiritual walk.

Lift (elevator) - Elevation.


Lightning - Supernatural/heavenly power


Locker - Secrets / mysteries.

Locs - May represent a Nazarite vow, life long commitment or consecration (Numbers 6:5).


Luggage - If negative, could mean baggage from past relationships. If positive, it could mean your wealth of experience gained. If you are being told to pack it could represent the Lord telling you to move.


Lunchtime - A break or an interval between seasons / scheduled activities.

L -



Maid - Servant 


Man - If unknown, he may represent somebody; or the meaning of his name / behaviour / physical attributes may be significant. 


Manna - Daily provision


Make-up – Attention-seeking. Emphasising beauty. 


Massage – The Lord activating your spiritual muscles (a gift in you).


Meat – Spiritual maturity.



Menstruation – Leaking/consciousness of leaking may represent a natural but "shameful" circumstance (which is no fault of your own), that you do not want to be discovered by others. If your sanitary towel is showing this may represent exposure of your situation.


Mice - Dirty pests that eat and destroy everything. An infestation may represent an overwhelming presence of lack, poverty or lack of success in your life. If you leave a home/place filled with mice this may represent moving on from a seemingly fruitless season in life.


Milk - The word


Mirror - A reflection of self. The word of God.


Mobile – The request to charge someone’s phone may be the Lord revealing that you need to pray for that person or provide spiritual support to their ministry.


Mortgage – A lifetime commitment (death pledge) “until death do us part.”


Mother - Your mother could represent the Holy Ghost or the church.


Mountain – Sphere of influence. Or an obstacle to be overcome. 


Mouth - Sticky mouth or chewing gum stuck in the mouth that causes you to be unable to speak is the enemy's attempt to silence you.


Music - Lifestyle / spiritual atmosphere. Changing the song represents a change in atmosphere.

M -



Name – The name of an unfamiliar person is usually significant.


Nine – Finality. Fruitful


Nose - Discernment. Sensitive.


Number 10 Downing Street - Headquarters/office; representing your elected position given by God.

N -



One Thousand - Multitude. Innumerable. Immensity, Countless. Generations.

Orange - Fire. Danger.

O -



Parking – Parking your car shows the Lord taking your ministry/life to a place of waiting. Trying to park in an awkward space symbolises trying to fit in.


Pet - Your pet. A special friend. Your care or responsibilities.  

Petrol Station - A place/season of being filled/refueld for ministry. 


Phone call - Having something to say


Pick up – Picking someone up or carrying them represents mentoring.


Picture – The person in the image may reveal something. Taking a picture represents capturing the message the Lord is giving you. Pictures can also represent memories or a defining moment. Low-quality pictures could represent not being up to the expected standard.


Pink - Love. Could also represent a watered-down/diluted gospel.


Plate - Desire. Serving or portion.


Platform shoes – Elevation.


Play fighting - Banter/teasing


Police - Authorities


Pregnancy – Getting ready to birth something new that will be manifested in due time.

Prince - Jesus, the Prince of Peace.


Projector - Perspective

Proposing - If you or someone else is proposing, it may signify putting forward an offer or plan that would require a life-long commitment from the other person. The response of the other person may reveal their willingness or unwillingness to commit.


Purple – Royalty. Kingship. 

P -



Queen - Favour

Q -



Radio – Listening to secular radio stations represents a worldly lifestyle. Changing the channel can represent a change in lifestyle.


Rainbow - Promise from God.

Red – The blood of Jesus. Redemption. Wealth. Favour. 


Redecorate - To reorganise how things are structured/presented/designed. Adding positive extras to something. The room or building in the dream can be an indicator of what is to be redecorated.

Registration - Signifies "showing up" or providing information about yourself in your current season. 


Restaurant - A place of service/ministry.

Ring - Promise. Proposal. Authority (Genesis 41:42).


Road - Crossing the road signifies a transition.

Rope - Rescue. Salvation. Help.

R -



Sackcloth - Mourning (Genesis 37:34). Repentance (Jonah 3:5-7).


Salt - In a good context salt represents an enhancer, bringing out the best in something, goodness. In a bad context, salt represents compromise.


Sand - Offspring. Blessings. Multiplication.


Sceptre – If a sceptre is being held out to you this represents favour (Esther 8:4). If you are given a sceptre this represents kingship/authority.


School – To be in your childhood school represents a time of testing or learning in life.


School Trip – A learning experience (God is teaching you something).


Scooter - Personal ministry


Seven – Perfection.


Shooting - Being under attack


Shopping centre - A place of multiple/big choices or decisions.


Shopping trolley - A decision to push forward / make progress with something. What is in the trolley is important.


Short – Feeling inadequate. Least important to man.


Shower - Having a shower represents cleansing. Being seen in the shower represents exposure.


Sick – If somebody is ill this could represent sin in their life.


Silver - Ministry. Pure words/promises of the Lord.


Six – Man. Flesh


Sixteen - Love


Skin - Flesh. Sensitive skin is to be easily offended.


Sky - Spiritual activity. Heavenly places.


Skyscraper - Represents "high places"/idolatry. Something monumental. 


Sleeping – If sleeping whilst others are awake this represents being spiritually unaware (Matthew 26:40-45). It may also represent not being ready for the Lord's return (Mark 13:35-36). Sleeping can also represent rest/peace (Mark 4:38). Or may also represent a believer who has died in the Lord (1 Thessalonians 4:13). 


Smoking – Folly, doing something you know is harmful. 


Song – The lyrics of the song may be significant. Worship.


Soup – Birthright.


Space shuttle – A speedy departure.


Spider - Lies. Deception.


Stage - Platform of influence

Stage Fright - Feeling nervous about an upcoming season. 


Stairs – Step by step progression. Being at the bottom of the stairs represents a situation yet to be faced.


Stars – Angels (Revelation 1:20). 


Sternum (breastbone) - To hurt this area is to have one's pride hurt/offended.


Suicide - Self-destructive/self-harming behaviour e.g. taking drugs, sleeping around, excessive drinking etc.


Suit - Dressed/ready for business. If a suit is oversized it represents something unfitting/disorderly (1 Samuel 17:38-39).


Suitcase - If you are being told to pack it could represent the Lord telling you to move.

Superheroes - Sons of God.

S -



Table – Sitting at a table with others represents fellowship. A letter or diary left on a table is a vision written on tables for an appointed time.


Talking - Having a conversation with someone can represent communion/fellowship with them.


Tantrum - Childish. A form of manipulation/control in order to get one's own way.


Taxi - If you are in a passenger's seat this represents a small public ministry of which you are a part of, such as a fellowship group.


Taxi Man - Someone to help you get to your destination.


Teeth - Broken or chipped teeth can represent learning obedience through suffering. It could also represent trusting in man who is unfaithful, instead of God who is faithful.


Ten – Divine order. Tithe / God's portion.


Tent - A temporary place in life. Physical body. May also represent a congregation, gathering or meeting place.


Test – Sitting a test shows being tested.


Text message – The person you send or receive the message from may be significant. The words of the message may give you a clue as to the meaning.


Thigh - Warrior/kingly strength. The hand under the thigh represents a promise/oath (Genesis 47:29). Smiting the thigh represents grief/shame/repentance (Jeremiah 31:19). 

Thirty – Maturity


Thirty-One - El (The Almighty). Offspring. Son. 


Thirty-Three - Crucifixion


Thirty-Four – Naming of a son; something new given from God that He is giving you authority to name.


Thorns — Cares of this world, pleasures of this life, the deceitfulness of riches & the lusts of other things (Matthew 13:22, Mark 4:19, Luke 8:14)

Time - The time on the clock can be significant (see specific numbers). Being on time presents the "appointed time"To arrive at a place of destination/season later than anticipated. To arrive early signifies arrive at a place of destination sooner than anticipated. (Habakkuk 2:3). 

Toilet – Private place. Releasing waste. If other people are watching you this represents an exposure of your weaknesses/sin. The place where you are going to the toilet may be significant.


Tongue - If your tongue is swollen/big/sticky in your mouth and you are unable to speak, you are under spiritual attack.


Topless - Exposure


Towel - Covering. Servitude.


Train – Transitioning.


Train station – Waiting to move into a new place in life.


Trees - People (Mark 8:24). A really tall, big or strong tree may represent the size of a person's influence (Daniel 4).


Twelve – Apostolic government (Mark 3:13-19, Revelation 21:12-14, Acts 1:15-26).


Twenty – Divine waiting period.


Twenty-Five - Grace upon grace. 


Twenty-Seven – Preaching the gospel/ministry of salvation. Perfect work of patience leading to maturity. Completeness.


Two – Unity. Witness. 

T -



Urination - Humiliation / embarrassment / release.

U -



Van –Ministry with a larger sphere of influence than a car. Usually ministry to your family or a fellowship group.


Vomiting - Releasing ungodly influence/infection of the soul (mind, will, emotions). Cleansing. 

V -



Wardrobe (closet) - Secret, what is done behind closed doors (Matthew 6:6).

Washing feet - Personal worship to the Lord or servitude towards the saints.


Washing up - Serving / helping as a teacher / scribe / guide


Wedding – Marriage. Restoration. New beginning.

Wheelchair - Wheeling oneself can symbolise being able to get on with life, making the most of a difficult/crippling situation.


White – Purity. Righteousness. Truth.


White Board - Shared/revealed knowledge


Window – Insight. Vision into the spiritual realm. 

Woman — Helper. 


Wrestling – Spiritual warfare.

W -




X -



Yellow – Gift.

Y -




Z -
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