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  • by Torema Thompson.

Discerning God's Voice

I’ve never actually written about how I know when God is speaking to me but it will be good to see it written down – not only to help others but also as a reminder for myself (when those doubts may come).

1 - Peace

For me, I believe peace is the first big point I need to mention. When Abba says something, I just have a peace about it. His instructions don’t come with confusion or wondering, but in the moment He says something, I know it was Him.

It’s funny because there are times when I can sit moping like, “Oh Abba what should I do?” Or, “I can’t hear you!” But literally, the moment He does speak, He sheds a light on that darkness or confusion immediately and His peace which surpasses all understanding fills my heart and mind.

I have actually come to realise from experience that when God speaks we will not miss Him. This is not something we need to fear. When He speaks we will know. There can be times when we may feel “unsure” but there are a few reasons for this (which I’ll share based on my experience):

  1. He has either not said anything yet (so continue to wait until you have complete peace and clarity – He’s got to teach us to wait on Him).

  2. It’s not Him speaking (it’s either the flesh or the enemy).

  3. We know it’s Him but we’re battling with the decision to obey (it’s this one that you have to be honest with yourself and then die to self and say, “Abba, I don’t want to do this but I trust you know best.”). However, that feeling of being “unsure” has nothing to do with “discerning” God, but more to do with submitting to Him or waiting on Him.

2 - Confirmation

The second point I’d make is that He always seems to confirm Himself. Now that I think about it, He usually does it in a group of 2 or 3 for me? He may firstly speak directly to my inner man, then He shows me a scripture that confirms what He has said. He then will either speak through a member of His body or give me a dream/vision. Abba is not mean (like the devil would have us believe). He makes Himself very clear. How unjust would He be to judge us on something we were not 100% clear about. In the Bible, whenever anyone was disobedient, they 100% knew it was God before they decided to disobey. If your heart is truly to do His will and to be obedient, you actually do not need to worry at all. That is actually one of Satan’s tactics, to make us think that we can’t hear God or that we will miss Him somehow. How big is God please? Now that I’m writing this, I’m seeing how sly Satan is. We will not miss God. Yes, it is possible to run ahead of His timing, but if He has something to tell us, He will make sure we receive it and in a way suited to us. The decision to obey what He says is up to us, but He is very good at making Himself heard.

3 - No contradiction

I think I’ll leave it at 3 points, so my last point will be that He does not contradict His Word.

Sometimes what we desire can be so strong that we can believe it is Abba’s will for us. However, a quick glance at the Holy Scriptures can bring us right back in line. All Scripture is inspired by God, i.e., He wrote it! There’s no way His will or instruction for you will get you to do something contrary to His eternal principles revealed in His Word.

I pray this has blessed you in some way... it sure blessed me! Lol.

If you were blessed by this post, please leave a comment below and/or share it with someone else.

In His love always.

Torema xXx

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