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  • by Torema Thompson.

The WAY God meets our needs

One of the things about God that still blows my mind is when He works in a naturally supernatural way. By this I mean when He uses such natural occurrences to produce a miracle. Whenever I have been in desperate need and where there appears to be no natural way to solve the dilemma, Abba always makes a way (regardless of the battle I go through not to doubt Him). I honestly don't know how He does it.

Even though I've been in Christ for 10 years, I still seem to always expect Abba to work in outlandish ways in my life, but I feel as though I have finally gained a revelation that He has wanted me to receive since forever. He is both the God who provided manna from heaven and the God who provided the ram caught in the thicket. He can be extravagant or He can be simple. He can create or He can use what is already available. Simply put, He can do what He wants, for who He wants.

Same result, different procedures

Let's look at a few of the blind men that the Lord Jesus healed in scripture. For one man, the Lord Jesus spat on the ground and made clay to cover His eyes and told him to wash in the pool of Siloam (John 9). For another man the Lord spat on his eyes and touched him the first time causing him to see blurrily, but with a second touch he could see completely clearly (Mark 8:22-26). As a final example, we have yet another man, but this time Jesus simply spoke and the man was healed immediately (Luke 18:35-43). Each one these men were special to the Lord and He DESIRED to heal them ALL, yet He did not use the same method for them all. For one the healing was instantaneous, for one there was a process and for the other there was an action of obedience required to receive His heart’s desire. At no point did Jesus cease to be a good, kind and compassionate Lord, yet He chose a different method for each one according to the Father's desire (John 5:19).

Are we making the right assumptions?

I can’t speak for everyone, but I know for me, one of the issues I have had is the fact that I have often expected the Lord to use a particular method to meet my needs. If I then haven’t received my request in the time that I expected or way I expected, I have then found myself having to battle thoughts of doubt about whether He will or not meet my need.

From the examples we looked at above, there are 2 things we can assume about God: 1) that He desires to meet our needs; and 2) that He will meet our needs. The thing we cannot assume, however, is HOW He will do this. It is when we assume that we will be the blind man healed immediately, that we can find ourselves doubting these other two sure facts. If the man who was told to wash in the pool of Siloam expected Jesus to heal him by speaking over him, he would have been sorely disappointed and quite possibly have missed his healing all together. The lesson for us is to trust and believe that God desires to meet our needs and will meet our needs, BUT to leave the choice of method up to Him. He alone is the one who decides.

Naturally Supernatural

It is not always the manna from heaven type miracle that we receive. Sometimes the Lord performs miracles in our lives using that which was already there, but which we never saw as a solution before e.g. when Abraham noticed a ram caught in the thicket as provision for his sacrifice in place of his son Isaac (Genesis 22). For me, these too are miracles and some of the most elegantly beautiful ones at that.


Let’s not have an expectation regarding the WAY Abba will meet our needs, but let us certainly expect that He WILL and that He DESIRES to.

I pray that this post has blessed you in some way.

In His love always,

Torema xXx

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