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  • by Torema Thompson.

You are not your body, but love your body

In 2009, I sat with the Lord and we wrote a 6-week programme called "Girl Esteem".

One of the sessions from this programme was called, “You are not your body, but love your body”, and this is the line that dropped in my spirit this morning. It has been a good 4 years since I last delivered a Girl Esteem programme at any school or young people’s project; and it has been around 3 years since I’ve really talked about the topic of self-esteem.

Growing up I was so insecure. I thought I was ugly, too dark, had massive legs, man’s arms and literally saw a beast when I looked in the mirror. However, going through my journey in Christ and receiving Abba’s love for me is literally what transformed me. By taking my eyes off of myself, renewing my mind and fixing my eyes on the KING of kings, He has made me into this immovable woman I am today. I seriously love Him!

One of the behaviour traits that I had as a result of my severe insecurities was that I would basically NEVER wear sleeveless tops (I could probably count on my hand when I did, and it was only if my mum was around).

I wouldn’t even say an item of clothing was nice (when out with friends) because I was SOO insecure and wouldn’t want to try it on or wear it for other people to look at me. This year I’ve worn A LOT of sleeveless dresses / tops when going out. I am secure in Christ and I know what style of clothes suit me and when I look nice. I’m not a very “girly girl” LOL (those that know me know), but if I’m going out then I do make an effort (and over the last year and a bit I’ve even started to wear a bit of makeup when going out).

For me though, I am not defined by my body at all, Christ is literally my identity. However, what a few incidences yesterday revealed to me, was that other people may still be used by the enemy to try and make me accept my body as my identity. The people that make comments don’t usually mean any harm by it, but what I realised yesterday was that just because Abba has done a work in you and you have gotten to the place where you love your body, but separate your identity from your body, does not mean the enemy is going to stop trying to convince you otherwise.

What happens to me A LOT is that people comment about my arms being toned. As a teenager in no way, shape or form could I see any comment about my arms (or legs) as positive. As far as I was concerned any comment was ALWAYS negative. However, now I don’t feel like this, but yesterday showed me that I was a little frustrated because that’s not what I want to be known for.

I had to talk to the Lord and He reminded me that people will always have something to say when something is not the norm. Defined arms are not the norm for women, that’s just the truth. I mean, I’ve had my arms for my whole life, I am around fit people all the time, and so, to me it is normal; however, the Holy Ghost had to gently remind me that it is not the norm for other people and I have to make allowances for that. He also comforted me about my frustrations too though. He reminded me that just because the enemy might use other people to try and enforce a false identity on me, in no way shape or form do I ever have to accept it.

The same is true for you.

Just because others may always identify you with regards to your body (whether it be your hair, height, size or the like); just remember that you are NOT YOUR BODY, but yes you should love it. The Lord has only given us one earth suit; therefore, we need to treat it well. How else are we going to manifest the Christ in us and do what He has called us to do, if not by using our physical body?

I pray something in this post encourages you…

In His love always

Torema Xx

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